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Pretty is a lifestyle - Embrace it!

Meet Our CEO

    • A former entertainment journalist, Ebony S. Garris turned words into beauty by keeping readers up to date with culture, music and style. Ebony’s resume yields media sources such as TheSource.com, Bossip, and AllHipHop.com. Coming from a family of creatives, Ebony finds grace and refinement in all of her clients, a skill passed down to her from her grandparents who owned multiple businesses in the beauty industry. Growing up watching her mother and grandmother style women for church and family events shaped her skilled eye of texture, color, and patterns. Ebony’s purpose took her from narrating about the world of entertainment and led her back to being the trendsetter and authoritative voice in the beauty and style industry. Venturing into entrepreneurship, Ebony relied on the work ethic instilled in her from her mother and grandparents and opened The Extension Gallery. Now, Ebony has a new narrative that writes the script for a landscape of different hues of beauty for women whether they are looking to reinvent themselves or just maintain their aesthetic. The company’s hair extension and hair care line offers top quality hair extensions and maintenance products, of which they offer a one-on-one consultation for length, color, and overall style. With a fearless spirit and talent of style, Ebony is a trusted glamour consultant that meets the various needs of her clients.