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Our Hair

What makes our bundles different? It’s simple. Each bundle is tested on 6 standards of quality including: 

The Authenticity of the Cuticle: Each strand of hair should be authentic; when holding each bundle, we slide our fingers down the hair shaft downward to ensure a smooth cuticle. In the reverse direction, we check for the rigid cuticles of each hair shaft. If the hair is smooth both ways, the hair isn’t authentic and has been stripped using an acid wash.

Lighter Ends: The ends of real hair from a donor should generally become lighter and remain dark at the root close to the weft.

Length of Beard: When observing your weft, you will notice little short hairs at the top known as a “beard” or “mustache”. This ensures that all the hair has been stitched to the track facing the same direction and reversed so that there is minimal shedding in each bundle. A shorter beard requires “flipping” and “hackling’ the hair multiple times to eliminate shedding once installed. If you see a beard longer than 1/2’ this mean that the hair wasn’t properly attached to the weft and in most cases will tangle and shed over time.

Split Ends: All virgin hair will have some split ends. If the hair does not have split ends, this means that the hair has been stripped using an acid wash or mixed with synthetic fibers.

Silicone: When feeling the hair, we check each bundle to confirm that there is no shiny residue or coating on the hair. Shiny residue or a sticky coating when feeling the hair is confirmation that the hair has been stripped to eliminate synthetic fibers or fillers and make them appear softer. Over time the more you wash silicone-coated hair you will notice it gets dry and straw like. This makes it harder to maintain and almost impossible to reuse over time.

Smell: We check each bundle to confirm that there is only the authentic smell of hair. If you purchase a bundle of hair that has a corn chip smell, most times it’s acid washed and processed.